Moss Removal & Renovation

Professional roof cleaning for moss removal and roof renovations in Surrey & Sussex.


Roof cleaning is a fast way to transform your home's appearance. Time can really take its toll of your roof and A&B Roofing are proud to offer a first class service in roof renovation and preservation.

Using a high pressure turbo system our qualified roofing team members remove the moss and lichens that trap moisture and the discolouring that they cause. Once removed we apply an antifungal treatment and sealant to prevent fungal regrowth and seal the roofing tile against frost and weathering. (This multi stage treatment process can even be applied to your driveways and patios!).

All our roof renovation quotes are written with your best deal in mind and where possible we will match any written quote you may have recieved. Our team of qualified roofers attend to all work with efficiency and attention to detail, health and safety and naturally we have high standards of consideration and courtesy for you, the customer, and your neighbours.

For more information and a no obligation quotation call the A&B Roofing team on 0800 389 9301 or request a callback and speak with one of our moss removal and treatment specialists.

“Neal and his team did a great job and I would definitely recommend them. Many Thanks.”


Roof Renovation Showcase

The customer's roof is discoloured with moss and lichen

Extensive moss and lichen is removed using a high pressure turbo system

The cleaned roof and chimney are treated with antifungal roof treament

The finished cleaned and sealed roof by A&B Roofing

The customers roof before work commenced

Heavy debris from nearby trees mixed with moss and lichen

The moss, lichen and debris are removed with a turbo pressure cleaner

Roof is treated with antifungal roof treatment and job completed

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